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Parent Coaching

ADHD has a strong impact on the relationship between the child and their families. An important part of my work is helping parents better manage behavior, improve communication, and build a more positive home environment.
Parents turn to services because they often feel overwhelmed and frustrated by their child's behavior or perceive their child's impulsiveness and failure to follow through with requests as purposeful. Part of my work is helping parents appreciate that their child is doing the best they can currently so they can empathize with their struggles and be more supportive.
Another focus is to strengthen the parent's relationship with their child with ADHD. More than anything, your child wants your attention. Many kids with ADHD get most of their attention on their symptomatic behavior. I help parents shift this dynamic, by increasing recognizing and verbally reinforcing what their child is doing right while giving little emotional energy to their symptomatic behavior. This leads to more desired behaviors and decreased conflict. 

Children with ADHD also often develop planning and coping strategies later than their same age peers such that their parents need to be more of a resource to them. I also provide strategies for parents to communicate directions and structure the home environment so their child can be more successful.

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