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Executive Functioning Development

Executive function is the cognitive process that organizes thoughts and activities, prioritizes tasks, manages time efficiently, and makes decisions. 

Individuals with ADHD are typically three years behind their same age peers in the development of these skills. They present emotionally and behaviorally as much younger than their same age peers. They struggle to analyze, plan, organize, schedule, and complete tasks at all — or on deadline. They misplace materials, prioritize the wrong things, and get overwhelmed by big project. Another executive function with which individuals with ADHD are often delayed is with regard to emotional control. Feelings are experienced more intensely and some children are prone to meltdowns and/or aggression in response. People with ADHD also tend to be delayed with regard to self-awareness.

The good news is these skills can be developed through ADHD coaching and practice. I can teach your child a variety of evidence-based techniques for developing their executive functioning including mindfulness meditation, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), self-talk, memory exercises, and time-management. 

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